The Objective:
Create a prototype mobile application to find different ways to encourage users to access Sydney’s bar culture.
The Solution:
Atmos-Spheres provides GPS map guidance and live, crowd-sourced ambiance ratings of various bars located throughout the Sydney precinct. As the vibe of a bar can often be unpredictable Atmos-Spheres aim was to match these moods with the corresponding different types of bar goers expectations or needs. An example would be a punter who wanted to reliably find a location to have a quiet drink at short notice. The crowdsourcing aspect was managed by initially allowing users to rate any bars ambiance individually with only access the cumulative rating total of a few. Rating more bars would unlock more cumulative totals and thus incentivising participation.

Year2011ForUniversity ProjectTypeMobile PrototypeI DidSix step UX design process, HTML, CSS, Documentation of Process Evaluation