The Objective:
Improve the user experience within the Railway Square precinct of Sydney through utilisation of digital information technologies. Our research indicated that users associated this public transport hub with feelings of loneliness and fear. These negative feelings were especially heightened at night when many university students and city office workers were populating the area.
The Solution:
Using Kinect sensors to identify solitary commuters within the space at night, the Chumz concept involved projecting pet dog animations onto the surrounding pavement as companions to make these people feel less alone. The animation would approach these people in a friendly manner, and then respond to their movement, through pat or play gestures or just sit by and act as a guardian.

Year2013ForUniversity ProjectTypeVideo PrototypeI DidFilming, Process Documentation/ EvaluationReferences(Sniff) 2009 https://vimeo.com/6400266