The Objective:
Keep the Coca-Cola brand relative and appealing to the 18-24-year-old market by utilising social media innovation and emerging digital information technologies to create an online buzz.
The Solution:
Create a Snapchat geofilter within the coordinates directly adjacent to the world-famous Coca-Cola billboard in Kings Cross (Sydney) and project its usage onto the billboard. Show a specialty Coca-Cola Snapcode onto the same (or adjacent) billboard at regular intervals so that users within the coordinates could friend the Snapchat account enabling (Coca-Cola) access to the user’s story. A moderator could then select appropriate uses of these Snapchat posts before being displayed.

Year2017ForPersonal ProjectTypeVideo PrototypeI DidConceptual Storyboards, Film Shoot, Editing/ Post production in After EffectsReferences(Share a Coke) 2011