The Objective:
Redesign a company logo of your choice introducing elements of symbolism & metaphor suitable for an animating electronic display or billboard.
The Solution:
The animation sequence lasts for eight seconds and references both the longevity of Stussy and its foundations via the manipulation of typography fill. The four band colour scheme is a direct reference to the four decades that Stussy has existed with the space invader aliens culturally signifying the companies inception (1980). A four-bit brightness glitch effect also appears referencing the 4 bit CGA mainstream computer graphics adapters of the early 1980’s. A new colour scheme is selected when the eight-second sequence is complete and the entire process repeats. The two gif loops you can see were captured directly from the Processing render screen.

Year2010 & 2017ForUniversity ProjectTypeCoding and DesignI DidDesign in Photoshop, Code in Processing